Top Dog

Top Dog 2014
Length:1h 32min.
Genres:Drama, Crime
IMDB:5.1 (1 315)
Director:Martin Kemp
Actors:Jason Flemyng, Vincent Regan, Tom Davis
  • Top Dog 2014
  • Top Dog 2014
  • Top Dog 2014
A gang leader has always been an outlaw and all his followers are aware of that and like this fact. His relationships with legal institutions are a bit hazy, but such behavior open quite a big variety of options available to take. Watch as he slowly exhausts his luck and gets into a lot of hard situations on

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    1. hamst 18 September 2018 17:55 Reply
      On you will go through the story of one of the most dangerous criminals subsisting in the Western world. This individual has no doubt that it is great to make a lot of illegal actions. However, also he leads a typical life living with his beloved spouse. But once everything changes because he decides to join one of the most terrible bands.