The Slayer

The Slayer 1982
Length:1hr 20 min.
IMDB:4.9 (1 304)
Director:J.S. Cardone
Actors:Sarah Kendall, Frederick Flynn, Carol Kottenbrook
  • The Slayer 1982
  • The Slayer 1982
  • The Slayer 1982
A group of people travels to a distant island to spend a calm vacation there. One of them, a female artist, is enthralled to depict primal scenes of violence and murder, which happened there ages ago. Watch as all of the fears come alive when one by one the members of the group are getting murdered on

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    1. hamst 18 September 2018 17:58 Reply
      The appalling story about a couple of teenagers is on One day these youngling people decide to spend their holiday far from their hometown. That is why they arrive at the island. One of this individuals has a dream about a killer. The worse things start to occur when the next day her beloved boyfriend is found dead.